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John Martin Ramsay

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I'm excited about ShareInPrint, my publishing effort.  It starts with Share Literature, my own literary attempts.  Click to see what I have written in a variety of styles or topics. The following are free to download in the spirit of shareware.  If you like something and want to encourage John to produce more, you may click on donate.

Children's Stories




Serious Subjects

Trial by Jury, an ESL workbook

John will happily sell the following:

Life of a Don

Dog Tales

Lewis and Clark Dance Kit

If you want to submit something you yourself have written and want Share In Print to publish it, send the manuscript to

2016 Marlowe Erickson Viking Zen.jpeg

Marlowe O. Erickson, Ph.D  has had a very successful career as a clinical psychologist.  His approach to solving personal problems is radically different from Freud and delightfully simple.  

Erickson is now retired, but we at Share In Print are pleased to make his booklets available to you and the whole world instantly on your devices. Simply click on his name Marlowe O. Erickson, Ph.D, choose your booklet and click on its  price (Free) to find the download page on iBooks.

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