Children's Stories

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Dog Tales

DOG TALES!  Fifty-seven folk tales about dogs: some tall tales, some true, collected mainly in the mountains of North Carolina and Kentucky.

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In the Eye of an Eagle

Explore and Enjoy

The people and the animals in this book are real, not fantasy, but the message reaches above and beyond. This unique book looks at how Marlowe Erickson, a psychologist, helped friends live happy lives.  It is told to children because children more easily understand simple truths, how we are all connected, and how each individual can also make choices.

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A Nisse's Adventure

in America

Every Danish homestead has an elf, called a nisse. Nisse both protect their homestead when well fed but cause mischief when hungry. A special nisse is made as a Christmas present for a couple living in Kentucky. When Spiff is sent to Berea, Kentucky, he fills his pockets with all sorts of interesting, useful things. Then he gets into some mischief. When the family move to St. Louis, Missouri, Spiff visits the Arch and creates chaos when the lights go out, and...well, I won't spoil the ending! This adventure will be fun for adults to share with children--theirs or someone elses--or for children to read on their own!

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