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John Ramsay


Yes, I've even written some stories for my great grandchildren. But, there are also essays and poems for when they grow up. Most of my material is free to download but I've also decided to charge a small price for my novel and also a serious tome just to see how that flies!

Questionable Theology

Children's stories


Serious subjects


Life of a Don

Dog Tales in digital print

Dog Tales as Podcasts

Lewis and Clark Dance Kit

ESL Workbook


The Young Lawyer, a one act play © 2018

NEW!!!  Podcasts:

Flippin' Freud

Dog Tales

Between the Finite and the Infinite

Maestro Medici

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Marlowe Erickson

Contributing Psychologist

Marlowe Erickson and I got acquainted as we did our daily exercise on the track near my home. He trained me in a different way to deal with life's vicissitudes. He has had a lifetime of experience as a clinical psychologist! I am so happy he agreed to let me publish his booklets; they are remarkable!

Marlowe's booklets (digital)​, free

Thoughts from a Psychologist,  free

Podcasts: Flippin' Freud, free

Marlowe's Facebook Page

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Bill Ramsay

Contributing Author

My brother Bill has created a collection of scripts for churches, Bible study groups, youth groups, or even families and friends to explore in dramatic fashion some characters and events in the Bible and what they might mean.  These ScripturePicture Plays are great to stimulate discussion!

Now Bill and Rose have written an autobiography, Life Lines.  It details their amazing, productive life, its accomplishments and its driving principles.

Purchase Life Lines online from!

Walk in the Desert

Mark Moloney

Mark Maloney, cousin to a friend and neighbor of mine, died last year and left a manuscript titled, Journey to Judaism, "A Secret Lineage".  I have been given permission to publish it as one of Share In Print's free publications. Mark's personal trail of curiosity about his ancestry leads from St. Louis to Morocco and back.

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Chris Spicer

Chris Spicer "carried forward the mission and work" of the Folk Education Association of America beginning in 1988. The mission of the FEAA is to facilitate learner-led education in the Americas.

The ideas propelled the Scandinavian countries to excel in their quality of life.  


In Lifted by the Heart, Spicer has compiled writings from FEAA's initial publications which best capture the educational implications of the Scandinavian models for America.


     Lifted by the Heart can be ordered from the publisher (click on Lifted by the Heart), from Amazon, by searching the internet, or by contacting Folk School Association of America.

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