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Bill Ramsay's Material

Bill Ramsay's ScripturePicture plays are twelve dramatic presentations of miracles, parables, and events recorded in the gospels and prepared as theatrical scripts.  More than just entertainment, these plays are carefully crafted Bible studies in a form that invites participation, reflection, and understanding. The Christmas story, the healing of the man born blind, the parable of the prodigal son, the accounts of the empty tomb, and other scriptural passages come alive by visualizing the events and by supplying words to characters who were on the scene in Bible times.


     These scripts can be used as dramatic productions for churches or communities, as a tool for Christian education, as a resource for Bible study groups, or for individual meditation and enjoyment. They are flexible and easy to use alone or as part of a worship service, choir concert, church camp, or other activity. 


ISBN10 1532003579


ISBN13 9781532003578

 Life Lines chronicles the lives of Bill and his wife Rose.  It is an amazing story which touches on growing up on a farm versus a city, struggles toward natural childbirth, experiences with civil rights, developing the concept of service learning, befriending international guests, and how their family of six was raised amidst  such concerns.

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