Grandfathers' Learning Adventures

New Adventures!

John has once again proven to be just a nineteen year old at heart! This new adventure covers a new medium for John as he takes on "vlogging" to

produce a series of vignettes about his family. Vlogging allows him to narrate the story himself and include family photos and documents to bring the messages to life. It takes a few weeks to put each vlog together. He adds each one in sequence as it is completed. However, you can browse them at will. Be sure to check them out as they're added. 

of an old American during the pandemic

Amazon has published my audio podcasts in printed form! You can get the book either as a hard copy or as an ebook. Both include photos, graphics, sound tracks, and movies not available on the podcasts, and you will find that the footnotes, in the ebook, are linked and at your fingertips. You can order either version at:


John has written a novel!!!

Oh yes, it is about the lifetime of a dancing master—what else would you expect John to write about?But the story may not be what you think it is, and he submits it with some trepidation because it may at times be very private and personal (not something you would expect from John). Be sure to read the disclaimer!!!

LIFE OF A DON is now published and available from Amazon as well as most retailers. If you want an autographed copy, send a check directly to John M Ramsay at 520 Mapleview Drive, Saint Louis, MO 63130 in the amount of $14.00 and he will sign the book and mail it directly to you postpaid (USA only). 
After reading the novel, please leave a review which will assist in appropriate marketing.

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Assortment of Books


a publishing business owned by John Martin Ramsay

I'm excited about, my publishing effort.  It starts with my own literary attempts.  Click to see what I have written in a variety of styles and topics. Many are free to download in the spirit of shareware.  If you like something and want to encourage John to produce more, you may click on donate, but he is also happy just to share.

If you want to submit something you yourself have written and want to publish it, send the manuscript to He will format it for you in Adobe InDesign and walk you through the process.


Life of a don whose name is John

John is now ninety-one years old outside, but feels like nineteen inside!  People say he doesn't look his age and his doctors say he is in very good health—considering his age!  This website gives him a chance to share some of his life experiences.  Here is a biography of John recently written by a high school freshman for his journalism class; he titled it  Dancing Dairyman.  Feel free to have a look and you may be inspired to be a maverick, too!

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